What is Megh3?

S3 Compatible Storage

Our storage allows S3 APIs, following the well established S3 standard. That makes it easy to move your data from any source.You do not need to modify your existing applications that use S3storage. You only need to change the credentials and URL.

End to end encryption

All your data is encrypted, while in transit and also while at rest on our data centers. Our data centres are physically monitored 24X7 with biometric security measures and the servers are monitored using the latest monitoring software.

Works well with any server

Our storage system compliments any existing storage system you might use. You do not need to belocked in with a single vendor.

Store in India

Low latency in accessing your assets.
Data sovereignty at the core.

DDOS Protection

We automatically detect and prevent DDOS attacks so that your files are protected and are always available to genuine users.

Dedicated Service Desk

Our highly trained personnel are available round the clock to ensure that your needs are tended to.

Fully managed

We manage the hardware for you so that you only need to focus on building your next ground breaking application.

Easy scale up

Add more storage any time you need in lines with your expanding business needs.

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Megh3 is a testimony towards the future of Cloud in India.
We are proud to be a partner to this noble initiative.

Mr. Bharat Kaushal

Managing Director (MD)
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How much do you pay for 1TB of storage every year?

Scale your storage seamlessly with our flexible Object Storage plans

Why should you consider
using Megh3?

Backup Files

Our storage is compatible with the popular backup software packages that you can use to backup anything, from VMs to databases.

Large Objects

You can store large objects like, multimedia files, copies of operating system images, etc.

Integrate Softwares

Integrate with the software of your own choice.

NAS Alternative

Many customers use this storage as an alternative to NAS,storing their files in the cloud.

Log storage

Logs are stored by customers for retention and retrieval for the future.

Compatible with all major* backup software

*This is an indicative & not an exhaustive list.
anuj gupta

Anuj Gupta,

Chief Executive Officer, Hitachi Systems India PVT LTD

Megh3 is a timely solution for Indian Private and PSU organisations

At Hitachi Systems India, we are honored to have partnered with DigiBoxx for their exceptional infinite storage-based solutions, ensuring data preservation in India happens steadily, securely, and safely.

Back up your business on an Indian Cloud
starting from Rs 1299* per month.

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